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This episode features an interview with Mark Hall, a business leader at Google. He manages partnerships with startups and venture capital firms. Mark is also a contributor to Forbes on the topics of tech, leadership and venture capital. We talk with Mark about cultivating effective partnerships, shepherding new businesses into being, and leveraging Google’s resources to ensure their success.
This episode features an interview with Dr. Rachelle Ornan, Director of Cabin Research and Passenger Experience, and Associate Technical Fellow for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, specializing in the experience and design of commercial aircraft interiors. Before planes, she worked on spacecraft as a Human Factors Engineer and Industrial Designer for NASA. We talk with Rachelle about idealized design, balancing art and science, and what it takes to create a peaceful space to house the stress of travel.
Juniper Networks
Sharon Mandell, Senior Vice President and CIO of Juniper Networks, joins Phil to discuss why every employee who touches the product impacts the customer experience, the benefits of being a customer of your own company, and how AI can free up employees to offer better customer care.
City National Bank
City National Bank Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer Linda Duncombe joins The Customer Experience Show to discuss how City National Bank is a little different than the other big name banks, how she deals with difficult situations involving her customers, and how the recent pandemic has affected CNB.
Avaya SVP and CMO Simon Harrison joins The Customer Experience Show to discuss how being a product manager has helped him become a successful customer experience leader, what the future of CX looks like as the world transitions into an experience economy, and much more.
Comcast Cable’s Chief CXO, Tom Karinshak joins The CX Show to discuss the competitive marketplace, managing his employees and assuring that they have the proper tools to succeed in their jobs.
Live Nation
Live Nation’s Head of Industry Relation joins this episode of The Customer Experience Show to discuss working for the largest producer of live events in the world, how he handles working with high profile clients, and more.
Caspian Studios
Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios joins Phil to recap the first four episodes of The Customer Experience. Ian talks with Phil about the four major trends in the CX industry and how each of our guests handle them.
Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Marine joins The CX Show to dive into the hard work that is done by him, his team and the entire company at Coldwell Banker when it pertains to ensuring the happiness of the customer.
AmerisourceBergen’s VP of Customer Operations, Devetta James joins The Customer Experience Show to discuss the voice of the customer. Every customer is different and every customer has a different need. The job of a CXO is to find those needs and fix them.
Collective Health
Collective Health’s Chief Experience Officer, Scott Murray joins this episode of The Customer Experience Show to discuss his wild path to CX, how he is helping Collective Health when it comes to the customer needs, and more.
United Way
United Way’s Chief Experience Officer, Stan Little joins this episode of The Customer Experience Show to discuss the road to CX, how his role with United Way is helping the company be closer with those they serve, and more.
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