Balancing Competing Interests

David dives into the hard work that is done by him, his team and the entire company at Coldwell Banker when it pertains to ensuring the happiness of the customer.
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As the Chief Marketing Officer for Coldwell Banker, David does more than just market the longest running real estate brand in the industry. With over twenty years of digital, content and social marketing experience, he’s obsessed with telling the story of the brand in ways that can’t be ignored. David started his career with Coldwell Banker in 2002 and has since held almost every role imaginable within the marketing group. In addition to developing the highest rated ad ever in the real estate category and leading the first rebrand for Coldwell Banker in nearly half a century, David is most known for his affinity of storytelling and leading a team of diverse, thought-provoking marketers to reshape a brand that has existed for 114 years. Marine has been the force behind the first real estate video centric YouTube channel, the adoption of data-driven and AI-backed proprietary app called CBx and transforming the brand’s marketing into a content and social machine.

Coldwell Banker’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Marine joins The Customer Experience Show to dive into how to create an emotional connection with your customers, how he balances customer satisfaction with realtor satisfaction, and much more.

3 Takeaways:

  • When it comes to real estate, CX might be a little bit more important because when you are working with a customer to find them a home, it’s not temporary, it’s forever and forever is not something that is taken lightly at Coldwell Banker.
  • The job of a CX leader within CB is to fix a problem for the customer and that problem often pertains to location of living, style of homes and making sure the customer is happy. 
  • In order to have a great customer experience, you need to make sure that everyone on your team has bought into your CX vision, and having open discussions with them about their client conversations is one way to get everyone on the same page.

Key Quotes:

  • “We have a 99% awareness of our rebrand amongst the age of community and it’s showing a 60% positive perception of our brand from where we were even just a year ago. So that is making strides in the right direction. This year before everything happened in 2020 was going to be a major push amongst consumers, as well as continuing into 21 as we’ve had to reshift some of our plans. But we’re also seeing that consumer perception is extremely positive to it as well.”
  • “Now it’s commonplace to have virtual open houses, which I wasn’t involved with even really and ever think it was going to be effective as a thing, but having someone, an agent in there, Hey, I’m here at this virtual open house. Let me take you around, throw your questions in. They do it through FaceTime, through zoom, all these different tools that are available to anyone and we’re seeing that that was an effective way to get people, to experience the home without having to make the Trek out there and even leave their living room on a Sunday afternoon.”
  • “Simplify, it’s not gonna be easy, but that’s going to make things simpler and better for our end consumers, through their experience with our brand.”


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