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Scott talks about creating centers of excellence within a large company, operating with a digital-first mindset, and catering to experiential consumers.
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Scott Finlow is the Chief Marketing Officer for the PepsiCo Foodservice Division. Scott and his team are responsible for translating deep consumer and customer insights into innovation and experiences that accelerate growth, build brands with purpose and transform the business for the future. Scott has been with PepsiCo for 25 years in a variety of Marketing roles in the US and Asia.

This episode features an interview with Scott Finlow, CMO for the PepsiCo Foodservice Division. In this episode, Scott talks about creating centers of excellence within a large company, operating with a digital-first mindset, and catering to experiential consumers.


*”What’s important is to build a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of people, not just as consumers, nor just as shoppers, but in a more holistic way. To understand them as people, what their motivations are, what their behaviors are, not just in a moment, but over the course of a day or a week or a lifetime. And that becomes a more important way to understand people as you seek to build brands authentically and genuinely to help meet their needs, whether it’s an individual brand or a portfolio of brands. That’s different in different markets and in different contexts. And it’s an incredibly dynamic space now more than ever.”

*”You may go to Starbucks in the morning. You may be at 7 Eleven. You may be ordering from from B-Dubs for lunch. You’re living in an omni-channel world today. The construct of retail to some degree in food service doesn’t really present itself clearly to a consumer or to people. And that’s increasingly what we need to contextualize and understand when we do our work, when we understand people, when we build our brands, when we build the experiences. We want to create. ”

*”Retail is looking to create a more experiential environment. And I think the world that you live in in terms of being focused on customer experience and guest experience is incredibly relevant across both. And everyone needs to work hard to understand that guest, and or consumer, and create a better experience for them. What’s important is understanding what the nature of a better experience is, right? And there are probably some common underpinnings. Things like convenience, things like depending on the context, something that’s maybe unique and special, certainly relevant, is going to be incredibly important. Value is always a constant at a high level and is also dynamic, and very much unique and dynamic across the different contexts as well.”

*“In every role I’ve ever had, CX has been at the root of it. One thing that I think is really important is for everyone in the company to think that way about it no matter what your role is, whether you’re in sales or finance. How are you just thinking about the consumer, the user, the customer, and how you build a better brand experience and a better business as part of that? That should be at the heart of every CPG organization. That’s for sure.”

*“Act like an owner. No matter where you are in the business, be an owner of the brands. Be an owner as it relates to understanding your customers, helping your customers and supporting that business. Don’t don’t have it be someone else’s job. Make it your job. Make it everyone on your team’s job to think about that experience and organize at least a part of your work and your mindset to be hyper-conscious about how you can make that a better experience.”

Time Stamps

*[3:36] Making sense of consumer insights

*[9:30] Building a unique brand experience in foodservice

*[12:20] Creating the experiential environment

*[14:12] Understanding the consumer across silos

*[17:13] Taking ownership of your CX

*[18:38] Future-proofing by shaping your brand in context 

*[21:09] Adapting CX to COVID

*[23:39] Driving innovation at PepsiCo through IT

*[28:46] The future of PepsiCo and sustainability initiatives

*[33:09] Advice for CX leaders


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