Thinking Bigger

Stan discusses the road to CX, how his role with United Way is helping the company be closer with those they serve, and more.
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As Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of United Way, Stan Little leads all donor-facing functions that impact how the world engages with today’s United Way. Little leads marketing, communications, donor and investor relations and digital services functions that are critical to delivering a best-in-class donor experience to drive impact, growth and strengthen communities worldwide.

When most of us make CX decisions, the impact is relatively small. But for Stan Little, CXO of United Way, the impact is potentially much bigger. United Way works with millions who are in need across the world, providing them with a number of important services. On this episode, Stan explains how he is able to work with countless partners, volunteers, and community members to create customer experiences that resonate and get results.

3 Takeaways:

  • It’s important to bring your unique perspective to the customer experience. Your background will help inform what unique contributions you make.
  • Your perspective is only one data point. It’s also important to get the perspectives of all key stakeholders who are involved in the customer experience.
  • CX is rigorous. It’s not fluff. It should be measured, analyzed, and improved in a scientific and rigorous way.

Key Quotes:

  • “Your perspective is simply an input for you to evaluate as you’re designing and implementing a robust experience for your end-users and stakeholders.”
  • “Think bigger than what you believe is possible – bigger than the current technology, the current reach, the current norms, or anything that constitutes ‘this is how we’ve always done it.’ Try to think about how to break that.”
  • “Customer experience is rigorous. I would change the perception that it’s a capricious concept. It has rigor to it.”


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