Why CX is Here to Stay

Jennifer talks about getting senior executives on board customer experience initiatives, improving the company’s response to complaints, and why the role of CX is here to stay.
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Jennifer Zamora’s 20-year career with Dow includes a variety of customer service, financial, and marketing management roles, including assignments in Michigan and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In her current role, Jennifer is accountable for establishing and deploying the long-term CX strategy and disciplines.

This episode features an interview with Jennifer Zamora, Senior Director of Global Customer Experience and Commercial Excellence at Dow.  Jennifer has spent more than 20 years at Dow, serving in everything from pricing and sales to her current role in customer experience.  We talk with Jennifer about getting senior executives on board with customer experience initiatives, improving the company’s response to complaints, and why the role of CX is here to stay.

3 Takeaways:

  • Creating change within a company cannot be done by one person.  It requires a network of relationships that will help with that transformation.
  • Sometimes all it takes to start the process of moving up is curiosity and the courage to volunteer yourself.
  • Changes take time and discipline to come to fruition.

Key Quotes:

  • “By improving in specific pain point areas where customers have told us, ‘We’re frustrated,’ we could see significant improvements in CXI. By staying the course and improving in those specific areas, we were finally able to show the correlation between CX, revenue, and our variable standard margin.”
  • “I moved up pretty quickly in my career at Dow.  And while I felt good being recognized for my work, I realized that I never had the chance to fully deliver something.  So there is balance to moving up while also delivering within that role and making an impact.”
  • “We are highly matrixed so there are lots of silos of different people focused on different priorities and scorecards. I would say that CX has really helped bring a visual to why a single scorecard or an aligned scorecard is so critical for us for the future.”


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